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ACHE rock band CDs ACHE rock band CDs
Acoustic Guitar<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Instrumental Guitar Music<BR>&nbsp; Acoustic Guitar
     Instrumental Guitar Music
ANDERS ROLAND, korværk:<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;"Herren er min hyrde", SSA<BR>&nbsp; ANDERS ROLAND, korværk:
    "Herren er min hyrde", SSA
Bogen om Vin og Musik<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;af JENS RØMER (m/ 2 CDer)<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;UDSOLGT/Sold Out<BR><BR> Bogen om Vin og Musik
    af JENS RØMER (m/ 2 CDer)
    UDSOLGT/Sold Out

Danske Sange & Viser Danske Sange & Viser
FINN OLAFSSON<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;CDs with Anders Roland<BR>&nbsp; FINN OLAFSSON
    CDs with Anders Roland
FINN OLAFSSON<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Guitar/TAB music books<BR>&nbsp; FINN OLAFSSON
    Guitar/TAB music books
FINN OLAFSSON<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;PDF sheet music/TAB<BR>&nbsp; FINN OLAFSSON
    PDF sheet music/TAB
FINN OLAFSSON<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;PDF sheet music/TAB<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;"Acoustic Guitar 1"<BR>&nbsp; FINN OLAFSSON
    PDF sheet music/TAB
    "Acoustic Guitar 1"
FINN OLAFSSON<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;PDF sheet music/TAB<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;"Acoustic Guitar 2"<BR>&nbsp; FINN OLAFSSON
    PDF sheet music/TAB
    "Acoustic Guitar 2"
FINN OLAFSSON<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;PDF sheet music/TAB<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;"Acoustic Guitar 3"<BR>&nbsp; FINN OLAFSSON
    PDF sheet music/TAB
    "Acoustic Guitar 3"
FINN OLAFSSON<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;PDF sheet music/TAB<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;"Music From North Sealand"<BR>&nbsp; FINN OLAFSSON
    PDF sheet music/TAB
    "Music From North Sealand"
FINN OLAFSSON<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;PDF sheet music/TAB<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;"Video of the Month 2014"<BR>&nbsp; FINN OLAFSSON
    PDF sheet music/TAB
    "Video of the Month 2014"
Folk Music Folk Music
Instrumental Music<BR>&nbsp; Instrumental Music
JAKOB VEJSLEV - Noder til<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;117 &amp; 85 Danske Sange:<BR>&nbsp; JAKOB VEJSLEV - Noder til
    117 & 85 Danske Sange:
JAKOB VEJSLEV<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Jazz Musik on CD<BR><BR> JAKOB VEJSLEV
    Jazz Musik on CD

KASPER SØEBORG<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;CDs & Vinyl<BR><BR> KASPER SØEBORG
    CDs & Vinyl

KASPER SØEBORG<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Guitar TAB music books<BR>&nbsp; KASPER SØEBORG
    Guitar TAB music books
KASPER SØEBORG<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;PDF sheet music/TAB<BR>&nbsp; KASPER SØEBORG
    PDF sheet music/TAB
KIM LARSEN: "Om Lidt"<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;5 kirkeorgelarrangementer<BR>&nbsp; KIM LARSEN: "Om Lidt"
    5 kirkeorgelarrangementer
Printed Music/Nodebøger Printed Music/Nodebøger
Rock & Pop Music Rock & Pop Music
Rockmagasinet Blackmoon Rockmagasinet Blackmoon
TONY VEJSLEV - Noder til<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;"50 Danske Viser & Sange"<BR> &nbsp; TONY VEJSLEV - Noder til
     "50 Danske Viser & Sange"
TONY VEJSLEV<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Sheet music for<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;"Old Poems - New Songs"<BR> &nbsp; TONY VEJSLEV
     Sheet music for
     "Old Poems - New Songs"
TONY VEJSLEV<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Sange for kor<BR>&nbsp; TONY VEJSLEV
    Sange for kor
TONY VEJSLEV<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Sangnoder, CD & DVD<BR>&nbsp; TONY VEJSLEV
    Sangnoder, CD & DVD
TORSTEN OLAFSSON<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Shakuhachi<BR>&nbsp; TORSTEN OLAFSSON
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Finn Olafsson's Elements - CD
Product name/Varenavn: Finn Olafsson's Elements - CD
Delivery/Levering: 3-5 days/dage
Item no./Varenr.: OCD 059

Finn Olafssons tredje solo album "Elements" genudgivet i en re-mastret CD version - i eksklusiv 3-fløjet digipack cover.

Finn Olafsson's third solo album re-released in superb high quality remastered CD version - with fine cover art work.

1 • ELEMENTS (by Finn Olafsson) • 2:58
2 • LATE NIGHT CAPTIVE (by Finn Olafsson) • 4:11
3 • CURRENTS (by Torsten Olafsson) • 2:48
4 • THE WADDLING DUCKLING (by Finn Olafsson) • 2:07
5 • MOOREA (by Steen Toft Andersen) • 2:35
6 • LIVING ALIVE (by Torsten Olafsson) • 4:43
7 • JOANNE (by Per Wium) • 3:58
8 • TRACERY (by Finn Olafsson) • 2:33
9 • MOVING IN (by Peter Mellin) • 3:07
10 • THE RAG (by Finn Olafsson) • 3:00
11 • CROSSROADS (by Torsten Olafsson) • 3:42
12 • WITH LOVE (by Torsten Olafsson) • 2:39

Finn Olafsson\'s Elements - CD

Price by/Pris ved 1Stk 125,00 DKK

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Credits, music & lyrics:
"We Can Work It Out" by John Lennon & Paul McCartney
All ACHE music composed and co-composed by
Glenn Fischer, Peter Mellin, Finn Olafsson & Torsten Olafsson (a.k.a. Torfin' Melfish)
ACHE lyrics by Torsten Olafsson
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125,00 DKK 
Finn Olafsson:<BR>"Acoustic Guitar 3" - CD Finn Olafsson:
"Acoustic Guitar 3" - CD

Released on February 16, 2018 - Finn Olafsson's 65 years birthday :-)

Music by Finn Olafsson
except no. 10 by Leonard Ellis

Also available on

Also available on iTunes

Customers in Germany:
"Acoustic Guitar 3" is also available in the webshop of Acoustic Music Records in Germany.
Click here to order:

149,00 DKK 
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