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Offer, 2 CDs: 'De Homine Urbano'+'Green Man'
Remastered 2012
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Offer, 2 CDs: 'De Homine Urbano'+'Green Man'
Remastered 2012
Delivery/Levering: 3-5 days/dage
Item no./Varenr.: ECLEC2344-45

Køb 'De Homine Urbano' og 'Green Man' samlet til reduceret pris.
Buy 'De Homine Urbano' and 'Green Man' together at reduced price.

Credits, music & lyrics:
"We Can Work It Out" by John Lennon & Paul McCartney
All ACHE music composed and co-composed by
Glenn Fischer, Peter Mellin, Finn Olafsson & Torsten Olafsson (a.k.a. Torfin' Melfish)
ACHE lyrics by Torsten Olafsson

Ache:<BR>Offer, 2 CDs: \'De Homine Urbano\'+\'Green Man\'<BR>Remastered 2012

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We found about half a full box with these historical music books hidden inhouse. Therefore: Limited stock!

The first Olafssongs music TAB book ever to be published, these 5 compositions are transcribed and presented in Western 5-line staff notation & TAB, too.

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"Music From North Sealand" is also available in the webshop of Acoustic Music Records in Germany.
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Køb 'Music From North Sealand' CD & DVD samlet til reduceret pris.
Buy 'Music From North Sealand' CD & DVD together at reduced price.

Radio-singlen 'Hamlet's Castle' følger gratis med i pakken!
NB: Skriv 'Ja tak' i 'Notat'-feltet, hvis du gerne vil have CD'en og DVD'en signeret på forsiden af Finn.
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